South Carolina
South Carolina
Fingerprinting & Enrollment Services
For Licensing, Certification or Employment requirements in South Carolina

For New Appointments

To schedule a new appointment, click the green button below. We will ask you for the information needed to schedule and process your background check.

To Mail In Your Fingerprint Card

To register to send your prints through the mail, click the button below. You will be asked to mail your fingerprint cards to IdentoGO after payment is made. Only out of state residents or individuals physically unable to be digitally printed are able to use this option.

To Look Up or Change an Existing Appointment

To look up, reschedule or cancel your appointment, please choose one of the below methods to locate your record.

Registration ID (REGID)

Please enter the registration id (REGID) of the registration you want to edit.

Email Address

Please enter the email address used to schedule your appointment.

For Fingerprint Rejection Notices

To schedule your retake appointment, we need to lookup your registration. Please choose one of the below methods to locate your record.

Transaction Control Referral (TCR)

Please enter the transaction control reference (TCR) on the rejection notice.
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